August 22, 2011

Last Season's Recap

With the new season starting on Thursday, I thought I would take a look back at how last year went.

Last August was my first foray into a sanctioned adult league. After spending six years learning the fundamentals in a YABA sanctioned youth league, I left for college with a 180 average and no real plans for continuing my bowling. I bowled a handful of games over the next few years until I joined my school's bowling club. I bowled there for two years and after graduating I laid dormant for a little while. After earning my masters degree, my wife and I joined Pittsburgh Sports League's bowling league for two short seasons. It was enough to reignite my love of the game and I decided to join a sanctioned league that fall.

My wife and I joined a mixed league and it was a lot of fun. After a few weeks I was averaging 181 and bowling anchor for my team. I wasn't very happy with the way the pins were reacting to my ball, an old Columbia 300 Boss Titanium I had bought from my youth league coach back around 2000. So I did some research online and settled on the Brunswick Python as my new ball. I had it drilled a few days after it arrived and immediately noticed a difference in pin action. My first week with the Python I threw a 247 game and 667 series, my highest of both for the season. I got through the rest of the season with a short slump, but overall it was a successful first year back. I ended with a 192 average and my team finished in 3rd for the year.

The past season's successes have left me pretty anxious to get back for a full league season with the Python to see how I'll do. Hopefully I can pick up where I left off and build on the 192 average.

How was your 2010/2011 league season? Are you excited to get back?

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