May 11, 2012

Free Bowling For Everyone!

So I received a call on Wednesday afternoon that the start of my league had been pushed back one week because many people were busy finishing up their fall leagues and couldn't make it. The plus side was that we could show up and practice for free. Not being one to pass up free bowling, I decided to go down Thursday evening to loosen up a bit and practice using my plastic ball for spare shooting before next week. In the hour I was there only one other person from the league came to practice. He had at least four balls with him and I quickly realized that this league is not going to be for the faint of heart.

I started the first game by leaving the 10-pin and then the 6-pin, but spared on both shots.  I struck in the third frame and then did something I haven't done on my first ball in a long time: I dumped it in the gutter. I wasn't really concentrating on my shot, I was actually thinking about what adjustment I should be making, and missed my mark far right. I picked up nine on my second ball, so didn't completely cover my mistake. To make matters worse, or better depending on how you look at it, I struck out the rest of the game. So the last 8-in-a-row could have been the last 10-in-a-row.  I finished with a 247 game and a new personal high for consecutive strikes in a game.

The next game started with another strike, but the streak would end there at nine which is still my new best. I started to miss my mark and then began to run high. I missed the 3-10 split from a high hit and then the ball began to break later and started to come in light. As a result of that I left and failed to convert the 2-4-5-8. I was making adjustments but it didn't help that I was going at a sprinter's pace because I wanted to finish up and quick get Mother's Day cards before going home. I finished the game with a 168.

The third game was unremarkable. I was in the pocket more consistently than in the second game, but left a few 7-pins or 4-7 combos. Luckily I did well with the plastic and didn't miss a corner pin all night. I did start to strike late in the game, but by then it was too late. I finished with a 188 and barely eked out a 603 after that great first game.

I think much of my problem last night stemmed from the pace more than anything. During league play, my sole focus should be on hitting my marks, which is my main area of concern. I did accomplish my goals though, having successfully used my plastic ball in preparation of varying oil conditions and in getting loose and in bowling shape for next week after taking two weeks off. In addition, with the awesome 247 in the back of my head going into league, I consider the outing an overall success.

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