September 25, 2012

Week 4 Pre-Bowl Recap

Game 1: 204
Game 2: 216
Game 3: 224
Series: 644
Week Avg: 214
Season Avg: 194

On September 6th I went to pre-bowl in preparation for my second week of recovery following my surgery. Luckily I had a short work day already scheduled and was able to get to the alley around 1PM.  There were only a handful of people there and I was able to throw on a pair of lanes that we would typically bowl on during league.  The lanes were freshly oiled and I felt pretty good heading into my games.

The first game started with a strike and four consecutive spares. I made a conscious effort to pace myself and it worked well throughout all three games.  I struck in the sixth frame and stayed clean throughout the rest of the game, including a turkey in the tenth frame, to finish with a 204.

I started the second game with four more marks before finally missing a 10-pin in the fifth frame. I spared in the sixth and then fired four strikes in a row and a spare to finish the game. I had a 216 in what is typically my lowest game of an outing.

The third game started with another four bagger before a high hit left three pins, which I picked up for a spare. I doubled after that before opening on my only split of the day. I struck again in the ninth and the first ball in the tenth, finishing the frame with a spare and a 224 game.

I felt great throughout the entirety of this series and it was bittersweet knowing that I had to walk away from bowling for at least two weeks after such a good performance.  One big factor this day was that I was able to quickly identify problems in my delivery and correct them in the matter of a frame or two. I also had a lot of pocket nine counts which could have just as easily been strikes. A good release and follow through led to a fantastic day.

I went to the doctor on Monday and got the all clear to start getting back to normal activity this weekend. I'm still a little sore when I move certain ways, but otherwise I feel pretty good. I'll be out of town this weekend so I won't have a chance to warm up before next league night. But normal activity means bowling, and I plan to be ready to go.

Time to pick up where I left off . . .


  1. That's one way to boost the ol' average. Nice series!

    1. Most definitely. It was the best I felt in a long time and no one was around to witness it. Hopefully I can pick it back up again on Monday