March 27, 2013

Week 28 Recap

Game 1: 236
Game 2: 257
Game 3: 237
Series: 730
Week Avg: 243
Season Avg: 200

Coming into the night my magic number, the avg+1, was 669. That was all that stood between me and my goal: a 200 average. My high series for the season was a 649, so I had some work to do.

I can't recall ever being as focused as I was Monday night. All but two balls were right on their marks. I was able to play my new favorite line, standing with my left foot on the 24 1/2 board and throwing over the 8 board, and the strikes came in bunches. All ten of my leaves were single pins, including three 10-pins and two 7-pins, but I managed to make them all.

One big factor was making quick small adjustments to keep the strikes coming. I was able to read when the ball was slightly high or light and move up or back on the approach a few inches to compensate without sacrificing a nasty leave or split.

Coming into the last game I knew I needed a 207 for my second ever 700 series. By the tenth frame I needed a mark in the tenth to hit 207 and to win the game for our team who in general was simply being out bowled. I responded with a turkey.

On the drive home I started to think of what this week meant for me. I established a new career high series and threw my first ever clean series. For the season I beat my high series by 81 pins and high game by a single pin. My 730 is currently the second highest series in the league, so hopefully that can stand or I can beat it in the few weeks remaining. And I finally hit that 200 average mark! Think I can get it up to 205?

And now for an update on my damaged ball. When I walked into the center on Monday I was greeted by the manager. The gashes in my ball were too deep to be repaired by the pro shop and so they sent it out to be fixed. It should be back this week and I can go test it out. If it is not to my satisfaction the center will pay for a new ball. Considering the ball is about two years old I'm ok with this arrangement. Frankly it probably would have been more cost efficient to just declare the thing totaled and pay for a new one.

Things are definitely looking up: I'm consistently bowling better than I ever have and my arsenal should be complete by the end of the week. Its perfect timing because we have the U.S. Steel tournament coming up on April 6th. I'm also excited because my dad is bringing his ball with him when my folks visit for Easter. This will be the first we've bowled together in a few years and I can't wait to show him how far I've come.

I'll be riding this high all week, but come Monday night its back to business.


  1. Congratulations on the 200 avg, Zach. Now that you reached one of your goals, why not take it a step (or five) further? Keep up the great bowling!

    1. Thanks Matt. I'm definitely looking to go beyond 200 now and I don't think a 205 average is out of reach.