August 30, 2012

An Addition To The Family

Earlier this month I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a ball for heavy oil conditions. I had done a lot of research on RG, differential, coverstocks, etc. and was prepared to buy a new ball when another bowler in my summer league mentioned that he was selling a few of his. I mentioned what I was looking for and he pointed me toward his Brunswick C-(System) alpha-max.

Isn't it cute?
I had it refitted this afternoon and threw a few frames with it on an old wooden lane, but I can already tell that this is going to fill the gap in my arsenal. I'll test it out some more on Tuesday when I go to pre-bowl and hopefully get a better handle on how the ball reacts on a THP on synthetic lanes.

On a side note: it was really difficult to find a pro shop in Pittsburgh's North Hills. I ended up at an 8-lane alley above a diner. The lanes and approaches were all old wood and they showed their age. The ball returns looked like they were from the late 1950s and the ball rolled back between the gutters at lane level. Almost unbelievably the alley did have automatic scoring. The pro shop was essentially a closet with a shop vac, sander, small cardboard boxes filled with inserts and some measuring equipment. The drills were in some mysterious back room which probably also doubled as the diner's kitchen.  But as long as everything fits alright I'd probably go back.

So no more excuses now. The equipment is there, now I just have to use it.


  1. Good luck with the new ball. That old bowling alley sounds like a place I'd like to visit if I'm ever in the Burgh.

    1. I only threw a few frames to test out the ball, but it was pretty uncomfortable. The back set of dots on the approach were right against the dropoff so there was no way for me to adjust backward and I had to stand so far to the left that the computer screen was against my butt.

      It is called Millvale Lanes if you are ever in the area.