August 13, 2012

Week 13/Viper Recap

Game 1: 202
Game 2: 162
Game 3: 203
Game 4: 171
Series: 738
Week Avg: 184
Viper Avg: 165
Season Avg: 175

What a difference a little preparation can make. After reviewing my earlier post on the Viper pattern, I came into the week with a plan. Play as far outside as I can and move my line inside as the pattern breaks down throughout the night to find more oil. Practice went smoothly and I started the first game with my left foot on the 21 board and throwing at the 6 board just left of the first arrow (blue line on diagram).

The first game started a little rough as I missed an easy 6-pin to open in the first frame. Luckily I was able to shake it off and throw a good mix of strikes and spares the rest of the game for a 202. I felt like I had more control over how the ball was moving and the majority of my hits were in the pocket. It was a great first game to help me forget about last week.

The second game started off with a few spares before the bottom dropped out. Starting in the fifth frame I left the 5-6 split, chopped a 6-10, and left the 2-4-10. I wasn't coming through the ball very well so I made an effort to concentrate on my release and the problem resolved itself. I stayed clean the rest of the way and finished with a 162.

One of our opponents was playing a similar shot to mine, so I moved my body and mark a board left to the 22 and 7 boards, respectively, to start the third game (black line in diagram). I was back in the pocket and striking pretty well. My only blemish was a missed 4-pin in the sixth frame when the ball hooked a little more than expected. I finished with a 203.

The last game saw another missed 4-pin, this time in the seventh frame, but overall I was in good shape for another over average game. Unfortunately I also missed a 10-pin in the tenth frame to keep me under average with a 171.

I felt pretty good this week for a few reasons. One was that, like I mentioned earlier, I felt more in control of the ball. I knew where the break point was and was able to get the ball there with consistency. I anticipated the pattern breaking down and was able to successfully adjust. I was also able to control my body. I consistently hit my marks and, when I did miss, was able to quickly diagnose and correct the issue. Mainly it was that I was dropping my shoulder at the foul line, so by keeping my upper body straight at release I was able to follow through more effectively. My realization a few weeks ago that this is a learning experience, especially since we clinched last place about half way into the season, also helped a bit.

Another big reason was that I was having fun. I really like the guys we were bowling against this week, too bad it was only our second time going head to head. They were both good bowlers and had no intention of rushing through the games. We kept a steady pace and finished in under two hours, but we were the last pair to finish by an entire game. Our two teams also shared the same views on certain people and aspects of the league, but I'll air our grievances in my league recap.

So this coming Thursday is our last week for the league and the Viper pattern. I hope I can keep the momentum going for Thursday and take it into the fall league.

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