April 29, 2013

Week 32 Recap

Game 1: 205
Game 2: 239
Game 3: 174
Series: 618
Week Avg: 206
Season Avg: 201

I presented at a professional conference late last week so my apologies for the lateness and lack of details in my recap. Last Monday feels like it was forever ago.

Our team was sitting in fifth place with two weeks to go, but everyone is bunched pretty tight together in the point standings. We came into the evening knowing that we needed a big team night if we were going to reach the league championships.

The first two games were pretty uneventful. We were all doing pretty well. My only open was a missed 4-pin. The team took all available points and we looked great.

Then I hit the burn in the third game and went completely down hill. I've been having a difficult time dialing in once my preferred line runs dry and it is a definite practice area for the summer. Maybe it is because our opponents have been playing a similar line to mine, but it seems that my line is breaking down more noticeably than it has all season.

In the third game I had a hard time striking and missed a 6-pin early on. Also, for the second week in a row I adjusted for a spare in the wrong direction, thus missing the 1-8. That is a pure mental error and there really is no excuse for it. I'm not sure what has brought that on lately. My wife had a 173 in the third game on a 112 average which really put the team over the top and we took all available points on the night.

Tonight is our last shot at qualifying for the championships. I hope the team can carry last week's momentum and I can clean up a few things to make a push toward winning the league.

I promise a much better recap for this week now that my big obligations have passed. Thanks for hanging in there.

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