April 30, 2013

Week 33 Recap

Game 1: 215
Game 2: 279
Game 3: 234
Series: 728
Week Avg: 242
Season Avg: 202

Coming into the night we found out we were tied for second place, five point behind the second half leader. We needed a big night, a lot of points, and a little luck if we were going to win the second half and go on to the league championship game.

The first game went pretty well. I started with a double and then lost my line a bit in the middle of the game. I started hitting light and the strikes weren't coming. I decided to move right a half board and the strikes started coming again. it was the only adjustment I made all night. I felt like I was struggling a bit, but I finished with a 215 game. As a team, though, we didn't have a great outing and our opponents had a couple pretty good games. They opened the door in the tenth frame, but by then we already too far behind to win the points.

In the second game my only focus was to throw over the 8 board. If I hit my mark the pins didn't stand a chance. I never felt more focused. I struck the first seven in a row with no sign of nerves. To my teammates' credit, they did a great job of keeping me laughing and distracted. I threw another great ball in the eighth frame, but a ringing 10-pin remained on the deck. I could hear a few groans and gasps as I turned around, but I stayed calm and picked up my spare. It didn't change anything and I threw four more balls the exact same way to strike out. I scored a 279, my new personal best. I also put myself in a three way tie for the league high game.  As a team we picked up the win and managed to tie the total pin count after two games.

I started the third game with a turkey before a high hit left the 3-10, which I chopped. I picked up a 4-pin spare somewhere along the way, but threw eight total strikes during the game. My second ball in the tenth swung out to the right and, although it hit the pocket, the entry angle was too steep and I left the 8-10 for another open. I finished with a 234 game and my second highest series, a 728. The team also picked up another victory and a total pin bonus point.  We learned that the first place team lost their first two games, but they appeared to have the third game well in hand and so we had no chance of overtaking them.

Last night felt easy, and frankly that's a little scarey. I felt no sign of nervousness or butterflies after striking the front seven and every ball was right on target. My small progressions this season have reached the final step. I just threw eleven strikes in a game. There is only one more place to go from there.

Next week is our league playoff. At worst, I think we will be bowling for 3rd place. I guess there is money on the line there. I am also in the top three for high scratch game and series which usually pay out and I have the second highest average in the league. Not a bad season. Now its time to finish big next week.


  1. Congrats on the new high game, Zach! Personally, I feel cheated with a 279 because it usually mean 11 strikes and a 9-spare somewhere in there but the front 11 and a 9 equals 299. There shouldn't be a 20 pin discrepancy between the two!

    Your time will come, I'm sure, sooner rather than later.

    1. Thanks Matt. I know what you mean, a 279 doesn't sound nearly as glamorous as 299 but it is practically the same accomplishment. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was a bad shot, but there were no nerves and it was a great throw.