November 8, 2013

Week 10 Recap

I tried to avoid thinking about bowling, or more likely over thinking, all day Monday. When I got home from work to an empty house I gave myself a little pep talk to try to get myself out of my funk. I know I am a better bowler than what I was the past three weeks, no matter how down I may have gotten and no matter how much I questioned my skill. Monday night was a chance to take back some control and to do that I decided to focus on two things: slow down my approach just a little bit and make sure to follow through on every shot.

The games weren't flashy: 191, 221 and 214. But I was consistent and barely missed my mark. I simplified my game and everything fell into place. I opened twice in the first game, leaving a 4-6 split and missing on an easy 4-pin. In the second game I started with seven straight spares including four 10-pins. The oil started to carry down the lane and I had difficulty striking in my adjusted line. Once I started coming in high I moved back to my original spot and struck five in a row to finish the game.

I started really well in the third game, but am still having some difficulty with the transition late in the night. The ball ran high in the ninth frame and left another 4-6 split. I adjusted in the tenth frame, but the ball still ran on me and left the 3-pin. I overcompensated to shoot the spare and missed right. I hate opening in the ninth frame, not to mention the tenth, so it was definitely a bitter end to an otherwise successful night.

The real test will be to stay positive and on the upswing as we approach Christmas. I'd really like to finish this year over 205 and to do that I will need to eliminate most of the sub-600 outings.

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