November 15, 2013

Week 11 Recap

This past Monday's performance was average. Literally. A 609 series in a week where my league average is 203. My first game wasn't great, a 170, which wasn't really indicative of how well I was throwing the ball. I had two splits and a single pin miss that killed that game. I alternated strikes and spares for a majority of the second game. I finally was able to double late and finished the game at 215. I followed that up with a 224.

I did manage to determine that my previous troubles we more with my follow through than my speed. As long as I come through my shot after the point of release I am much more accurate. It is something that is usually automatic, but it seems right now I need to spend some time focusing on that part of my game. I easily resolved the speed issue, which was a contributing factor to an extent, but now that I have slowed my feet I am throwing more consistently and am balanced at the foul line.

As my wife's due date quickly approaches I still have a couple pre-bowls to bank in preparation for league paternity leave. I also wouldn't mind building on my current average to bring a bit of stability to my scores now that the backslide has ended.

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