November 4, 2013

Week 9 Recap

I knew it was going to be a bad night before I stepped in the alley last week. As I approached the front doors another league member pronounced "There'll be no oil tonight!" Apparently the machine broke down right before the lanes were to be dressed for league so we were bowling on a day's worth of breakdown.

I threw the C-system in practice with hopes that I could play further inside, but after ten minutes I could tell that I would need to go to my bag and pull out the Python. It was another terrible performance, but I can't really blame the lanes for this one. I was inconsistent. I could hit my mark no matter how hard I tried (perhaps I tried too hard?). When I did hit my marks I was great, confirmed by my 216 second game that followed the 146 opener. Whatever mojo I had going into the third was quickly cast aside and a 175 was all I could manage.

I need to break out of this free fall. I thought I was better than this, but last month's 769 series seems like a distant memory, a fluke. I'm running out of ideas on how to correct missing left. I've tried not bending over so far, staying behind the ball, keeping better balance, but once one thing goes right another seems to be thrown out of sync in its place. I think I just need to simplify my game, boil it down to the bare bones. Just follow through on every shot and don't worry about anything else. Let it come back to me. Let it build around the one good thing I can control and do well. I've got the muscle memory, I just need to figure out how to push the reset button and start all over.

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