These are the balls I currently rotate in my bag. I own four, but carry three with me on any given night depending on the tendencies of the house.

Brunswick Python - 15lb
After several years of saying "I'm going to get a new ball" I finally pulled the trigger in the fall of 2010. I did a lot of research online trying to find a ball in my price range that fit my bowling style and preferences. In the end, the Python gives me just enough hook to drive through the pocket, but not too much that I can't keep control in dry conditions. After some damage from a ball return machine, this ball was completely resurfaced in March 2013.

Brunswick C-(System) Alpha-Max - 15lb
I purchased this ball used from another bowler in my PBA Experience League in August 2012. I was planning to buy a heavy oil ball anyway, and when he mentioned that he was selling this one it fit my needs perfectly. This quickly became my favorite for league play and it has the honor of earning my high series (730) and game (269).

Brunswick Zone - 16lb
This is a plastic ball I had gotten for free from my youth league. Its great for shooting 10-pins on dry lane conditions, but I rarely carry it with me let alone use it.

Columbia 300 Boss Titanium - 15lb

I bought this ball from one of my youth league coaches back in 2000 for $20. I call it The Don because my coach had his name etched above the finger holes. Its pretty "rolled out" and lacks the drive I now get with the Python, but it is an excellent fall back when the lanes are very dry or when I need to start over on a particularly bad night. This ball was unofficially retired for the Fall 2012/13 season.


  1. I use the c-system versa max karma and a slingshot call me Mr.Brunswick to me I just find a comfortable feeling with these or this company I'm sure others are good or hell prob better however it's really up to the person.
    However I had my eye on a ball which will be number 4 for my collection the Storm Sync or Brunswick Arua,Meanstreak brawler,or Nexxxus Any of these I will be rolling soon mark my words.I do have a question what do you prefer to roll as the strike and if not c-system what is your opion on it?

    1. I really like the C-System on fresh oil and it it is the first ball I pull out of the bag each week. I tend to get the best carry when I stand with my left foot on the 24 board and throw at the 8 board, but I get a good reaction a few boards in either direction. The C-System has a pretty smooth transition from skid to hook to roll which matches my style very well. On medium-light oil I prefer the Python because it allows me to stay in my preferred down and in line, but both balls are pretty versatile.

      Other than the Columbia 300 I mention above I have only thrown Brunswick balls. I'm a big history guy and no company has a longer history if bowling than Brunswick. I've heard pretty good things about Storm and Roto Grip, though, and with all the ball reaction videos out there and a little research I'm sure you'll find a ball that works best for you.