About Me

My name is Zach and I began league bowling back in 1996 when I was 12 years old. My Dad, a one night a week bowler like myself, introduced me to the game and helped me gain a love and appreciation for bowling. I have bowled in sanctioned leagues, rec leagues and clubs in eastern and western Pennsylvania, each bringing a new perspective and experience.  I also served as an official scorer for the New Jersey state team bowling tournament at Warren Lanes in Phillipsburg, NJ, back in the 2003.

I am a right handed bowler typically averaging about 200. I am also a firm believer that, good or bad, every outing should be a learning experience and I hope to reflect that in my posts. After achieving my first goal of averaging 200 by the end of the 2013 season, I now hope to average 210 by the end of the 2015 season and possibly participate in the singles and doubles events at the Pennsylvania state tournament.

Off the lanes, I live in Pittsburgh, PA, with my wife and daughter. 

About the Blog

I initially had the idea for starting a bowling blog when I couldn't locate any existing blogs that weren't about pro bowling or equipment companies. Where was the league bowler to go for advice?  Since I've started the blog, I have located some others with similar aims. I hope we can all work together to form a community of bowling blogs and serve as a support group through the ups and downs of this addiction that is bowling.

This blog is meant to serve a few purposes. The first is to provide a place to open dialogue so that we can all provide help to our fellow bowlers. The second is to discuss bowling tips, observations, and news. The third is to give myself an outlet to reflect on my night's bowling and to find out where I went right and, more often than not, where I went wrong. This last purpose will hopefully serve as a teaching tool for both myself, as well as readers. 

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