October 31, 2012

Week 9 Recap

Game 1: 190
Game 2: 201
Game 3: 193
Series: 584
Week Avg: 194
Season Avg: 190

I thought it would be a good idea to give my ball a quick cleaning before starting league, especially since we played on a bit more oil last week.  It turned out to be a great idea because the ball moved masterfully throughout the night.  There were only six of us on our pair of lanes and I was the only one playing my line, so I didn't have to make a single adjustment all night.  That being said, the old Zach decided to show up and inconsistency ruined an opportunity for a big night.

I was throwing well in the first game at first, with strikes and single pin spares being the norm. I missed a 7-pin late in the game by missing my mark a few boards to the left.  Then in the tenth frame I missed my mark a board left on my first ball, hit high in the pocket, and left split. This was my first blown opportunity at a 200 game, finishing with a 190.

The second game started with a double and a few spares. I missed a 10-pin and a 2-4-10 split this game, but luckily was able to string five in a row at the end of the game to save a 201.

The third game was much like the first. I missed another 10-pin (I really need to work on that) and left another split in the tenth frame. I ruined my second 200 of the evening to finish with a 193.

When I hit my mark the pins didn't stand a chance. I was able to play one board closer to the gutter than I had the past few weeks, giving me a better line into the pocket.  I didn't leave nearly as many corner pins as I had in previous weeks; however, I didn't capitalize on the ones I did leave. I missed one 7-pin out of two leaves and missed both 10-pins. For some reason I have a difficult time throwing over my target when shooting at the 10-pin, playing conservatively by missing a board or two to the left.

With so few bowlers we were bowling at a pretty quick pace. This made it difficult for me to keep my preferred pace and I often found myself rushing my shots. When I rush my shots I miss my mark, which can lead to splits. And I had a nasty case of the splits this week. It took me a frame or two, and usually a multi-pin leave, before I realized I had to settle down and not fall victim to the up tempo speed. Overall though it was a productive, over average outing.

We bowled against the top team this week and came out on the other side taking five of seven possible points. Their anchor bowled 49 pins over average the first game in addition to the 90 pins handicap we gave them each game, so we lost an uphill battle that time.  But we pulled it together and bowled well as a team the last two games and were able to win both and take total pinfall.

The C-System is getting plugged as we speak (or rather as I type/as you read) and I will be getting it drilled on Saturday. After calling just about every pro shop in the Pittsburgh area on Monday I ended up taking it to the same place I took the Python to get drilled. I like the place, but its just inconvenient to get there. I guess when it comes to your equipment, though, its more important to get it done right than to make decisions based on convenience.  Live and learn, then bowl.


  1. Good idea to clean your equipment before league. I throw my strike balls in a bucket of hot sudsy water every Friday morning and it seems to help maintain their reaction through the weekend.

    Maintaining your tempo when everyone else is speed bowling is tough to do. I'm usually a pretty quick bowler myself so I know what you're saying.

    Is the mini-slump over?

    1. I sure hope the mini-slump is over, but I think the real test will be this coming Monday.

      Since I only throw 3 games a week its easy to forget about oil accumulation on the ball; however, that could definitely result in a poor reaction on the lanes and in the pins.

      You put at least 9 games per week on your equipment, so a good soaking every week is a very good idea. How long does it take to dry the ball out? Does it affect your inserts or fit in any way?

  2. Fifteen minutes in the bucket, followed by a thorough drying then a once over with rubbing alcohol to get the remaining moisture out. The inserts are unaffected but sometimes I'll have to redo the tape in my thumb hole.