November 14, 2012

Week 11 Recap

Game 1: 170
Game 2: 217
Game 3: 245
Series: 632
Week Avg: 210
Season Avg: 191

I started with the C-System again this week but the heavy center oil is still preventing me from playing the line I wanted to try. I started the first game with spares and a couple strikes, but the ball just wasn't taking out the corner pins like I had hoped.  I missed a 10-pin in the eighth frame and decided I needed a bit of a change and went to the Python. It took the rest of the first game to find the right line after the ball switch and I chopped a 3-6-10 to open in the tenth frame, but I felt like I had a pretty good idea where to throw for the rest of the night. I finished with a what-might-have-been 170 game and the team lost by 30 pins.

I came out the gates a little better in the second game.  I was throwing well and the Python just seemed to hit with a bit more power than the C-System.  I struck a few times, including a 4-bagger up to the ninth frame.  Unfortunately the ball hung out a little on my first ball in the tenth frame and I left a 5-8-10 split. I hate opening in the tenth frame and so far I was 2 for 2 on the night. I had a 217 that game, which was disappointing considering a mark or two would have easily put me in the 220s.  Our team picked back up with our winning ways and we took the game by nearly 100 pins.

I started off the third game with a double. Hitting my mark had become easy and every pocket shot seemed like it was going to strike. Until the third frame when my nemesis the 8-10 split decided to make an appearance. After opening on the split I decided to move up a few inches for my next ball, which was a mistake and I hit light leaving the 2-4-5 for a spare. I realized I needed to move up on the right lane only and stay at my usual spot on the left lane, which turned out to be a great revelation since I struck the next six in a row. I spared to finish the game with a 245, a personal season high and third highest scratch game league-wide so far.

The C-System seems to have lost some of its mojo since I had it refitted. I think I need to give it a once over with a Scotch Brite pad to dull the surface a bit and clean it off with some alcohol so I can give myself a good baseline reaction on a fresh house pattern with a clean ball. Also, perhaps I haven't moved far enough outside to get the line I want. I had been throwing at about the 8-board, but maybe I should go to 5 and see what I can do there. Bowl and learn, that's all I can do.

Meanwhile the Python looked great last night and I got some really good movement in the back end. Perhaps this needs to remain my go-to ball for now and the C-System can be my back up when things aren't going so well.

This Sunday I'm bowling in a charity tournament to benefit a teammate's co-worker who is suffering from cancer.  Its in an unfamiliar house, but it might be a nice chance to try some new things. Practice is practice, and since this event is more about the cause than winning I have no qualms about donating my entry fee for the chance to throw a few games.  And there will be pizza too . . .

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  1. You can't go wrong with free pizza. Congrats on the 600 series, your average is back over 190 and headed in the right direction. Good luck next week!