December 14, 2012

Week 15 Recap

Game 1: 177
Game 2: 214
Game 3: 182
Series: 573
Week Avg: 191
Season Avg: 194

This week was a little less dramatic than the last. My knee still has a bruised lump, but I'll live.

There really isn't too much to report from this week.  I had five opens all night, four splits and one whiffed 4-pin. I was in the pocket a lot the first game, but my entry angle was too shallow to carry.  There was more oil than usual and it took me some time to adjust. I moved right a board toward the end of the first game and had a pretty good line working for a while. In the third game I moved my body and mark right a couple boards to try to get some of the carry back, but really didn't strike with any consistency after the second game.

During the first game I wanted to switch balls to something a bit stronger, but my team was always within striking distance of taking the lead and I didn't want to risk opening a few frames until I found a new line. It was a strategic move, or non-move as it were, and one that I shouldn't have to worry about once I become more familiar with the C-System.  I really need to get in some practice time with the new ball so that I can better understand its reaction in comparison to the Python, but I don't foresee any substantial practice until this summer.

After four weeks of good bowling, I just felt a little off this week.  My release was never quite right, though maybe it was just an illusion because the ball didn't react the same on the heavier oil. I was also frequently off balance at the point of release, missing my mark more often and either hunching over or pointing toward the 7-pin at the foul line. The entire night felt like one big struggle, but when it was all over I was only 10 pins under average.

We've got one more night of bowling this coming Monday before taking a two week hiatus for the holidays. I'm looking forward to one more big series, but I think I am looking forward to the break even more. Not counting my surgery recovery time, this will be the longest I have been away from the bowling alley since the end of April. A little time off every now and then can be good for you, especially for your mental game.

Let's just hope I don't go mental during those two bowlingless weeks.

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