January 11, 2013

Week 17 (Kind of)

I was looking forward to returning to the lanes on Monday after having been away since December 17th. I knew it was going to be our league's holiday party, or "fun night" as everyone was referring to it, and that everyone was bringing some kind of food.  That was fine, and I expected there might be some games throughout the evening.

In addition to all of that, Week 17 turned out to be a no tap extravaganza.  The first game was 9-pin no tap, the second game 8-pin no tap, and the third game a ridiculous 7-pin no tap. There would be virtually no spare shooting to speak of and none of the scores would count for anything. I suppose it was a nice way to ease back into league bowling mode, but it was a little disappointing since I wasn't expecting it.

I enter every week hoping to get a 900 series, but this night I expected to get pretty darn close to that. During the first game I had 10 strikes, 6 of which were legitimate. I made both of my eight count spares and finished with a 256.  In the second game my very first ball hung out a little bit and I left the 2-4-5-8, which I chopped. I managed to strike the rest of the way, again with 6 legitimate ones, to score a 279. I threw my first 300 in the last game which consisted of 7 real strikes. I shot an 835 series, one better than our lead-off man who also threw a 300 the last game.

I did take the opportunity to throw all three games with the C-System and I really liked the angles I was able to play throughout the night.  Unfortunately no one else was really throwing in my line so I couldn't get a good read on how the ball would react to the changing lane conditions. I'm pretty sure I will start with this ball next week though, and if I have to go a little weaker I am very knowledgeable about how the Python performs.

Next week should be back to normal and I couldn't be happier about that. I can't wait to post some no-tap scores in our usual league setting. I'll take a 835 series any day.

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