April 11, 2013

ACAA Tournament Results

Well the results are in and our team did better than expected.  So much better, in fact, that we won the whole shebang. Our 3474 handicap total was just enough to hold off the second place team which was 23 pins behind us. That's close, like one frame close. With the win we each take home a cool $30 and I believe there may be a trophy involved. We also put a target on our backs for next year's tournament.

As expected my 722 led the individual awards with the next highest scratch series being a 695. This gives me another $25. My 269 game and corresponding handicap game and series were also tops, but you can only win one individual award. My teammate Joe also won an additional $20 for second highest handicap game.

I definitely had a great time and it really made me want to explore more serious tournaments. I think I might try to convince my brother to come out to Erie next year for the singles and doubles events in the Pennsylvania State Tournament. Should be a good time.


  1. Congrats on the team win, top prizes and cash! There might be some good tourneys during the summer, I know of some happening here in the DC area.

    1. Thanks Matt. It was only an 8 team, unsanctioned event but it was really a lot of fun.

      I could still register for this year's state tournament but it is about 6 hours away and I have some other commitments to attend to. As long as I can keep up this pace, though, I'm not sure anything can keep me away next year.