June 19, 2013

Summer Practice Session #2

Over the weekend I made a trip to the bowling alley for my second practice session of the summer. This time out I planned to work on different wrist positions. After posting video from my last session and the expert analysis of Matt from Bowling Roller Coaster, I also decided to work on not falling off my shot.

After a few frames to warm up I began to bend my wrist in toward my body at the start of my delivery. This cupping position allowed me to get a few more revs on the ball and generated a stronger reaction when the ball started to hook. While this will be a valuable resource on heavier oil, it does come with the drawback that I was pretty inconsistent at hitting my mark. I think that is something that will go away with more practice, but for now I will have to weigh the pros and cons of making this adjustment during league play.

After shooting a game a piece with each ball using the bent wrist technique I spent another game and a half focusing on holding my position at release. When I am at the top of my game I can do this naturally, but after spending some time away from the lanes once league ended I found myself reverting to some bad habits. I also paid a bit more attention to how far I drift on the approach from where I start my delivery on the second row of dots to where my sliding foot finishes at the foul line after release.  It turns out I consistently drift ten boards right from my first to fourth step. I don't feel this hurts my game at all, but it will be something to consider working on for another session.

Even with all of the different adjustments I am working on I have still managed to average 200 over 7 games. I hope to carry the success from last season right into this fall and I think these practice sessions are a tremendous help so far.

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  1. Expert analysis? Sir, you're too kind.

    Sounds like you had a good practice session, which to me means you went in with an objective in mind and stuck to it. Good stuff!