September 11, 2013

Week 2 Recap

Game 1: 236
Game 2: 234
Game 3: 245
Series: 715
Week Avg: 238
Season Avg: 214

When we arrived at the lanes this week we found out that they filled our team with a nice couple that were in the league last year. From a pacing stand point this was a relief. It should also make for a fun and more competitive season. One of our regulars had scheduled vacation this week, though, so we will have to wait until week 3 to get the whole team in action.

This week was the complete opposite of week 1. The lanes were being oiled as I walked in the door and so they played pretty similarly to the majority of last season. I was also a bit more focused this week and made a conscious effort to make better decisions and adjustments.

After starting the first game with a couple of light pocket hits I moved a half board right in the third frame and really never looked back. After a strike in the third and a missed 10-pin in the fourth (my only open of the night) I struck the next six in a row and spared to finish the tenth frame for a 236.

The second game was pretty similar with a spare or two breaking up a string of strikes. I shot a 234 in the second. I started the third game with two more spares and then had another six bagger. I started running a little high and so I moved up a few inches on the approach, but never really got back to form to finish out the evening. I needed to strike on my first ball in the tenth to get the win for the team, but I left the 4-pin. I spared and left the 8-10 to finish the game with a 245 and a 715 series.

If there is such a thing as an effortless 700 series this was it. As long as I put the ball between the second and third arrows it was a strike. When I did leave something it was a corner pin and when something was a bit off it was easy to identify and correct. My one shot outside the pocket was a Brooklyn strike.

This was probably the most consistent high series I've ever had and despite the success I never found myself feeling rushed or nervous. I've finally thrown enough bigger names to stay calm and focus on the task at hand. I can now act like I've been there before because I have; now its just the matter of getting up to that next level where I start to feel the butterflies again.

Nights like this are fun, but they make for a terrible weekly blog post, don't they?


  1. That's some consistent bowling there, Zach! If we can figure out how to have more nights like that, we'd be in business!

    1. Thanks Matt, hopefully this season has a few more nights like this