October 18, 2013

Pre-Bowl and Week 7 Recap

On Sunday I went out to bank a few games for my upcoming hiatus when my daughter is born. The lanes were not as dry as last week's pre-bowl, but they were definitely not treated after a long night of open bowling. Luckily I was throwing a much better ball and was able to put together my first average series of the season: 237, 191 and 192. My spare shooting was still sub-par, though, particularly the 10-pin.

On Monday, then, I had some confidence that I had shaken the troubles of two weeks ago. My first game, a 225, pretty much confirmed this. Though a missed 9-pin near the end of the game did give me some cause for concern and was an omen of things to come. The following two games saw me revert back to being unable to hit my marks. I was constantly missing left and was bitten by splits a few times. I threw a 172 in the second game and a dismal 155 in the third, a new season low. A positive is that I made all but one of my corner pin shots and I was much better at spare shooting overall.

Outside of weeks 2 and 3 I have been unable to string together consistent good performances, which was a key to last year's success. Being unbalanced at the foul line has been a big part of what is dragging down my game. I wasn't able to correct it on Monday night and I will have to shake it off and get back on track my next time out. I probably should have switched down to the Python after the first games as the oil was getting a bit unpredictable at the end of the first game. In the end, though, if I can't hit my targets it doesn't matter what ball I'm using out there.

I have to miss the next league night and have scores already on file, another 552 matching this week's performance, but will be back on the lanes on Sunday to pre-bowl another set for later in the season. I thought that throwing 3 extra games a week would help me break out of these problems, but I feel like what I need right now is a break.Hopefully scaling back to 3 games this week will put me back on track.

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