February 14, 2012

Some News Items

So every month my aim is to do a non-league recap post.  I failed to do that in January, but I have a few things I wanted to comment on this month.

First, I wanted to point out the Pittsburgh Penguins "Pens & Pins" Charity Bowling Tournament.  Every year, each member of the hockey team is made the captain of a bowling team comprised of fans to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. This is a pretty cool event that combines two of my favorite things: the Pens and bowling.  It is also great to see bowling in the spotlight here in western Pennsylvania, even if it is only for a day or two.  I think that these world-class athletes would have a thing or two to say about the difficulty, competitiveness and fun bowling offers.

I also wanted to point out that my cousin Kyle threw his first 300 game.  It was his first. Congratulations.

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