May 13, 2012

Happy Bowling Mother's Day

I wanted to wish a happy Mother's Day to two bowlers who have impacted my life.

First, to my mother. She bowled while pregnant with me, so I guess you could say I was destined to be a bowler myself. She drove me to junior leagues for over five years and attended all of my tournaments. Also, she accomplished one of the more remarkable feats I have witnessed in bowling. After having carpel tunnel surgery on her bowling hand, she taught herself to bowl using her other hand. I can't begin to fathom how difficult it must be to basically learn how to bowl all over again without even having the advantage of using your dominant hand. She is a real inspiration on overcoming adversity on the lanes.

Secondly, to my wife, who is celebrating her first Mother's Day. She also managed to bowl the majority of a 34 week season while pregnant with our daughter and improved her average in the process. We have bowled in a few leagues together and, as we later found out, were in different junior leagues at the same alley on Saturday mornings. It was meant to be. She should probably receive even more recognition for not giving me hell for bowling this past season while there was a baby at home.

So happy Mother's Day to all those bowling mothers out there!

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