May 18, 2012

The Real PBA Experience League Information

So the majority of what I thought I knew about the PBA Experience League has turned out to be incorrect. As I understand it, the league lost four teams from last year and so some changes needed to be made. Consider this a correction to and extension of my post of May 3rd.

The league is 14 weeks in duration comprised of 10 weeks of round robin play and 4 weeks of position rounds. It is a scratch doubles league consisting of six teams with four games per week against the same team on the same set of lanes. During the four games each team has two opportunities to select the head-to-head match-up of their choice. This is important because one point is awarded to the winner of each head-to-head match-up in addition to two points per team win and two points for winning team total pinfall. Each team is also awarded 1-6 points based on how their team's total pinfall ranks amongst the entire league that week.

Matt is still my doubles partner, but Bruce from the fall league was nowhere to be found. Josh, who was to be Bruce's partner, was matched up with someone else who is pretty dang good.

We will be bowling on five different oil patterns; however, not all of these are PBA patterns as predicted. The league manager said that you can go anywhere to bowl on the animal patterns and so he likes to throw in a few different looks. The pattern schedule is as follows:

Weeks 1-3: NCAA #3
Weeks 4-6: Cheetah
Weeks 7-9: Scorpion
Weeks 10-12: NCAA #4
Weeks 13-14: Viper

I still plan to post a description of each oil pattern and my plan of attack, though my predictions for the NCAA patterns, much like my initial league post, may be completely off the mark. I have already written descriptions for the two animal patterns we won't be seeing (Shark and Chameleon), so consider those bonus posts.

I think I covered all of my errors, but if you have any questions about the league just leave me a comment. It should be a good time, nonetheless.

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