May 25, 2012

The Week That Wasn't

I was looking forward to trying some new things this week at league, but unfortunately I spent much of the week in the hospital with gallstones. I guess you know you are a bowler when you are sitting in a hospital bed Tuesday night trying to figure out how to convince your wife to let you go to bowling on Thursday, but I wasn't discharged until Thursday afternoon. As a result, I had to miss bowling and Matt was not able to find a sub so he was left with my 170 average for each game.

Matt bowled Josh's team and kept me informed on how the night was progressing. My average was enough to defeat Josh each game and although Matt only beat his opponent once he kept us close enough to win two team games. I'm not sure where we fell in the overall league team total points awarded in the first two weeks, but so far I think we have held our own. Matt in particular is doing really well.

So now I am even more looking forward to next Thursday and getting back out on the lanes.

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